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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ode to Patrick Swayze

As you may know our beloved Patrick Swayze passed away a few days ago. This has been a rough year, we have lost many iconic celebrities. I remember being a young girl and dressing up in my grandmother's silver high heals trying to mimic the dances in Dirty Dancing. It is still, years later, one of my all time favorite love stories. It is one of those movies with a great message...stand up for what you believe in. I think this weekend will have to be a Dirty Dancing marathon craftathon. I will pop the dvd in to the player and craft away.

On a lighter note Sunday's photoshoot went well. It was a rainy day so some of the photos taken are not as light as I would like them, but I am improving. Last night I designed a new comb that came out very pretty. I will probably list it sometime this weekend. I decided to expand my shop and add sections and new products are in the works. I am awaiting a shipment of new vintage buttons, so button earrings will be coming soon. My one of a kind critter patterns have also made their way into the shop. They don't really go with the whole hair theme, but they have sold well in the past on Etsy & will help me raise my sales and positive feedback rating. I am so excited for everything to come this holiday season!


  1. "Johnny Castle" still makes me weak in the knee's. He'll surely be missed!

  2. No one puts baby in the corner right vintage mama!