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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well I had good intentions last night, but got distracted. I didn't end up taking my dental exam online. I was just about to crack open the book and start studying then I thought let me just see if HBO on demand changed their current movie listings. I scrolled down the list and low and behold there was Sense and Sensibility staring at me. Before I could restrain myself I was clicking the center button on the remote and was transported back to the era of Jane Austen. I own the newest version of Pride and Prejudice on DVD, but it has been forever since I watched Sense and Sensibility. I just love Kate Winslet as an actress, she is so moving. It reminded me of her role in Titanic which I need to watch again asap. I did make a few hair combs, so the evening wasn't a complete waste. A coworker and friend of mine is going to a police ball this weekend and got a stunning black and white dress. She asked me if I would make her a hair comb with pearls and black roses. Then I searched for another movie and came across The Secret Life of Bees. I started watching it and got about half way through before I turned the TV off. I just couldn't get into it. Then I turned my attentions toward my Etsy store. I listed 2 pairs of button earrings, then got lost browsing in the sea of vintage items. Finally I ended the night with choosing a new blog background...hope you like it.

Tonight is 90210/ Melrose Place night. With all of the secrets, lies, deaths, overdoses, and drama I don't know how much studying I will get accomplished. I also need to put Google Advertising on my to do list along with writing my business plan. There are not enough hours in the day. The shop is doing fairly well, I have sold 3 items so far. Pretty good for being brand new. I am a frequent visitor to all of the Etsy forums, trying to absorb as much advice and information possible. Many sellers post very good tips and experiences. Looks like my lunch hour will be devoted to more shop promotion. TTYL=)

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