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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Front Page of Etsy

Hooray for being on the front page of

This time was July 30th 2010 at 3pm.

The free publicity resulted in 4 sales. A special thank you & shout out to the creator of the treasury...BeadsBaublesNBangles

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Welcome Summer...fresh item just listed

Hooray for 3 and 1/2 day weekend. I was so ready for a mini vacation. I was able to put some of my time off into good use. After getting out of work yesterday at 1pm I headed straight for the thrift store. I found a super cute pair of Ballet flats and fun little clutch. Both were embellished last night while I watched "The Orphan" on HBO on demand. What inspiration Tee Hee!! Many new items from my summer collection have been listed so check out the shop.

My mom and I are planning an out of town thrift store/ antiquing getaway in a few weeks. We are hoping to find some good deals to use in our shops. I have a stash of crochet goodies to use in my hair combs, that is my project for tonight along with a bit of laundry and cleaning in between. I hope everyone has a happy 4th of July :)

Tomorrow I will be spending time with my mom, stepdad, and grandparents. My grandparent are getting ready to go on a 2 moth trip to New York to see our other family members. Granny is making me my fave a homemade cheesecake topped with cherries, yummmmmy=P There will be plenty of Bud light Lime to go around, so looking forward to this feast. Be safe everyone. TTYL

Friday, July 2, 2010

Question & Answer

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am 29 years old going on 21. I work as an accountant for a travel agency, but my dream is to work in the dental field. I just completed a one year program for dental assisting and plan on looking for either a job, or an internship - whatever comes first. I married my soul-mate on 6/7/08. We reside in Deland, FL with our 2 dogs. I could not imagine living anywhere else. I just can not picture myself trudging through snow...Yucko!

Apart from creating things, what do you do?

I live in Florida so most of my free time is spent doing some type of activity in the sun. My husband and I have season passes to all of the Disney parks, including the waterparks. Orlando is just under an hour away from where we live. Every other weekend we drive down and go to the waterparks and also stop by some of my favorite shops and malls.

What first made you want to become an artist?

Both my mom and grandmother have always been crafty. I think I inherited my creativity from them. My mom is a teddy bear artist, she also sells on etsy I started by cross stitching at a young age. Later in life my mother taught me how to crochet.

Please describe your creative process.

I turned our spare bedroom into a movie theater/ studio for my Etsy projects. My husband was on board since I mentioned the room would contain a 50 inch flat screen plasma TV and a Blu-Ray player. I painted the walls pink, which he was not to happy about, but sometimes you just have to compromise...Especially when I am used to getting what I want. When it is time to create I go into my studio. I have a comfy chair and a large craft table topped with all kinds of flowers, leaves, and sparkly objects. My husband usually accompanies me. We either pop in a blu-ray or we also have Netflix, one of the greatest inventions ever. No matter what I need something in the background to be able to start designing. Then I plug in the glue gun, pull out a comb, and start layering flowers until it turns into something pretty. Sometimes I google and print out pictures for inspiration.

What handmade possession do you most cherish?

When I first designed my studio I begged my mom to make me a few handmade items. You would think that it would be an easy request, after all I am her daughter! My mother had a lot of special orders she was doing for some of her repeat customers, so it was hard for her to find the time. She did surprise me with a tiny handmade monkey for valentines day. It has the cutest face. The eyes she used were hand-painted by another etsy artist.

Name your top five books, movies, musicians, and websites besides Etsy.


Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, Twilight, Night of the Living Dead, & Texas Chainsaw Massacre


Twilight, Harry Potter, Anything by Stephen King


Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, forever21, &


Lady Gaga, Sean Kingston, Katy Perry, Justin Beiber, & Madonna

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Super Hot Treasury...Featuring my latest Crown

Super Cute treasury featuring my latest crown...Elven Queen

Copy & paste the code below into your browser to view

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ONLY $28.00!!

Elven Queen is a beautiful crown, perfect to wear to an outdoor fair or parade. Would also be adorable for a simple wedding or even an engagement photo shoot. The fully adjustable crown is topped with tiny flowers in fall colors, pearls, and super cute leaves. The leaves are green with a glittery gold finish. What a fun look!

♥♥About Hair.Sew.Vintage Crowns♥♥:

♥They are fully adjustable and bendable to create a totally effortless whimsical look.

♥The wire bark like base is woven and twisted with two loops on the ends (perfect for stringing with ribbon or bobby pinning in place!)

♥They can be worn like a traditional headband or lower down on the head more like a tiara.

♥Great for Weddings, Baby/Bridal Showers, Birthday Parties, Prom, Garden Parties, Photo Shoots, or any formal event