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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween party...a Success

Another Halloween party in the books. Wow what a great night! Above are a few of the pictures taken before things got rowdy. The first picture is of my friend Ashley and me. Ashley dressed up as the female version of Robin Hood. Great minds think alike because I almost purchased this costume until I tried on my pirate outfit. The second picture is of Jesse, his wife Ashley, Myself, and my Hubby Carlos. Picture 3 is a group shot of a few people that came for the festivities. Picture 4 is my husband setting up pirate Pete in the yard...He lit up, so cool=) Pictures 5 and 6 are my wittle puppy wuppy woofer. Tilly as a french maid.

Everything turned out great. We had the fog machine going, so the house looked haunted and spooky. Every guest thought this was our best party to date. We received many comments saying we had really outdone ourselves this year. It was great seeing everyone.

Well you might be able to tell from my pictures that I got my hair cut Saturday before the party. I let my hairdresser cut off 4 whole inches...OH MY! I feel so naked without my hair. What was I thinking? Oh well I guess it will grow back eventually. I hope it is at least easier to manage my up dos for hair accessory photos. I still need to dye it but haven't had the energy. Maybe tonight will be the magic night. I have a few combs to list but I can't take any pictures until Thursday night when my hubby is off work. I have so much to do and not enough time in the day.

Friday, October 16, 2009

PumPkin Carving

Preparations for Saturday night's Halloween party continue. Carlos did some last minute shopping while I was at work today. He picked up a cool indoor fog machine. I think it will set a nice spooky ambiance in the house. He also got some candy and spider webs. My grandmother is a fabulous cook and she made us homemade sugar cookies in the shapes of bats, ghosts, and pumpkins. They are topped with yummy frosting in different colors. We have been scrambling to finish cleaning and decorating this evening. He is talking to his mommy on the phone now, she lives in I figured I had just enough time to compose a blog.

Next we are going to pop Rob Zombie's Halloween into the Blu Ray player and carve pumpkins!! YAY, I am so excited. I haven't carved pumpkins since I was a little girl with my step-dad. We bought a pumpkin carving kit with some really nifty designs. I can't wait to see how they turn out. I am going to light the candles and plug in our animated Halloween carousel (we bought it at target). Its so cute and festive.

I also decided on what to do with my hair. I picked up some dark brown dye with a slight hint of red. I probably won't be able to dye it until Sunday. Saturday I have a hair appointment at the mall for a cut. I always go to the same girl Staci. She knows how to blow dry an Italian girls hair straight as an arrow. It works out perfect, my appointment is at one. I won't have to do much to my hair to prepare for my pirate costume. I may swing by the Mac counter and get my make-up done too. I love being pampered. Well I am off to make my pumpky.

Tata for now

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Etsy Treasury

Good Tuesday morning!! Last night I was able to snag my very first Treasury on Etsy. I have been featured in 2 treasuries before, but had never made my very own. How exciting it was. Here is the link if you want to check it out...

You better hurry the treasuries only stay up for 3 days:O)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fashion Alert-Just Cavalli Spring 2010

Fashion alert: I just had to share. I am in awe of the Just Cavalli Spring 2010 collection. His runway show was to die for. I love shades of emerald green. I wish the craft stores would carry more flowers in these rich colors. Emerald green would look stunning in dark hair.

Speaking of hair...I think its time to dye mine. After a long summer spent by the pool tanning my hair tends to look drab. You may not be able to pick up on its lacklusterness in my photos seeing I use photoshop, but trust me it looking dull as dirt. I think when Carlos gets home from work we may be planning a trip to Wal-Mart for hair dye. Hmmm not sure if I am in the mood for chocolate brown or light brown with a hint of red? Decisions decisions! Wait a second how did I go from blogging about Cavalli to Wal-Mart?

Hehe anyways I do love the models smoky eye make-up. I am planning a hair accessory collection called midnight. This collection would be geared towards the social butterfly in all of us. The hair combs will be modeled with a smoky eye and long lashes. I can't wait to launch this line. I think it will hit my boutique just in time for New Years Eve. Thanks Just Cavalli for the inspiration;)

Weekend of Inspiration

Well its my hubbys weekend to work so I have to find something to occupy my time. Something to keep me out of trouble. When I mention the word trouble...I mean shopping & spending too much money. Ahhh my one weakness. I spent Saturday at the mall browsing my favorite 2 stores Charlotte Russe and Dillards. Then I scooted off to Target for decorations. We are planning a Halloween house party for next weekend. I can hardy wait, pirates, jello shots, scary movies, spooky music, slimey margaritas, costumes, card games, & pumpkin lights. Its been a while since I have seen all of my friends, been so busy promoting my shop. I will be snapping a million pictures of the festivities so stay tuned.

After my shopping excursion and depletion of my bank account, I decided I better make some use of my time. I busted out the craft table and popped in my favorite series for inspiration. I just can't choose which one I love more The Tudors or Rome. Both are excellent with vivid costumes, witty characters, amazing sceanory, & delightful scripts. They are full of old history but with a sexy modern twist. They remind me of the hair combs I create. I try to fashion them from styles relevant to the modern woman but with a twist of vintage materials. I f you haven't seen these series I suggest you run to your local Blockbuster and pick them up. Then swing by your grocery store for a tub of ice cream pop on the couch and enjoy. You can thank me later by visiting my shop
Tata for now Xo

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kiss me...I'm Vintage

I have a few new items in the shop so go check them out. The hair comb pictured is called "Kiss Me I'm Vintage."

Lately I have been stocking up on materials. I have found some great vintage supplies. As you can tell I love working with old buttons and velvet ribbons. My newest work reflects that. All of the flowers I use are new. I mainly shop at Michael's and Joann's for those. I love using my 40% off coupons. In fact they have been spoiling me rotten. I get one every time I go though the checkout line. I don't even want to pay full price for things anymore. When I get discounted supplies I can pass the savings onto my customers=) Who doesn't enjoy a deal. So go ahead pamper yourself or treat a friend to a special one of a kind gift. Here's is my quote of the day...

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.”

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Featured seller: OpulentOddities

I found myself browsing on Etsy one day and I noticed a nifty little feature on the front page called shop local. If you click on this you will be directed to a page that showcases other sellers in your area. That is how I found the delightful shop OpulentOddities and her mother's shop merchantofkismet.

OpulentOddities specializes in the most unique jewelry I have seen on Etsy. Each piece has an intricate story behind it. Jordan, the shop owner, pays special attention to detail. Each of her items comes gift wrapped in a kraft box stamped with a skeleton key tied with ribbons or vintage lace. She has a very solid reputation in the Etsy community and has reached 1369 sales and 100% positive feedback...WOW! Her store is an inspiration to us all. I could only dream of being as successful one day.
Pictured is one of Jordan's pieces called White roses. Here is her description & story:

"She was beautiful just the way she was, but she dolled herself up for her gentlemen friends, dressing in rhinestones and lace and rouge, a white rose tucked behind her ear or between her teeth.

Beautiful celluloid white rose is the focus of this fancy statement necklace. Two beaded earrings, made from Czech glass seed beads, and were once screw backs from the 1950s, hold up a beautiful 1940s rhinestone brooch that looks like a keyhole, which holds up the beautiful dimensional white rose. On brass chain with a brass lobster clasp.
From the top of the beaded earrings to the bottom of the rose measures 3.5inches/9cms. The chain measures 24.5inches/62.25cms."

Here is a link to visit the store

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October is here

Today is the very first day of October and for some reason I am feeling very festive. There is a tiny cold front coming through my neck of the woods now. In the mornings its in the 60's and by the afternoon its in the 80's. Normally around this time of year its in the 90's. I know boo hoo no one up north feels sorry for us Floridians, but still I wasn't quite ready to rummage through my winter clothes yet. Lets see how long this lasts. Due to the change in weather, I have been very motivated to crochet lately. If you visit my shop I will be listing some more crochet headbands each night. They are crocheted out of cotton threads in all different colors. Some are adorned with a button. I think they are wonderful for fall and will go great with jeans. I was thinking of a bohemian inspired look when designing them. The best part is they tie around the back of your head, making them fully adjustable.