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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hair Trends

As you can see in my Etsy shop photos...I Love braids they are my signature style. You don't have to be in grade shcool to sport this trend anymore. Celebrities are popping up all over the red carpet with elegant braided locks. Here is a picture of Nicole Richie donning a braided do. I think she looks very elegant and chic. I will definitely be trying to mimic this look. Other celebs on this trendwagon include Sienna Miller, Jessica & Ashley Simpson, Lauren Conrad, Jennifer Aniston and Hayden Panettiere. So stay tuned to my shop and blog for more braided hair ideas. I can't wait to showcase some of my new hair combs. Now if only I could get my photographer (aka my husband) to cooperate.


  1. Her hair looks amazing! Wish I could do that on myself :)

  2. love braids too!
    thanks for visiting my blog and adding me!

  3. her hair is stunning. I wish I could've done that when I had really long hair. But I had very slick, heavy hair that would just slide right out any style I attempted to put it in.

    Now my hair is in a chin length bob. I can't even put clips in it, though, since they still just slide out.