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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween party...a Success

Another Halloween party in the books. Wow what a great night! Above are a few of the pictures taken before things got rowdy. The first picture is of my friend Ashley and me. Ashley dressed up as the female version of Robin Hood. Great minds think alike because I almost purchased this costume until I tried on my pirate outfit. The second picture is of Jesse, his wife Ashley, Myself, and my Hubby Carlos. Picture 3 is a group shot of a few people that came for the festivities. Picture 4 is my husband setting up pirate Pete in the yard...He lit up, so cool=) Pictures 5 and 6 are my wittle puppy wuppy woofer. Tilly as a french maid.

Everything turned out great. We had the fog machine going, so the house looked haunted and spooky. Every guest thought this was our best party to date. We received many comments saying we had really outdone ourselves this year. It was great seeing everyone.

Well you might be able to tell from my pictures that I got my hair cut Saturday before the party. I let my hairdresser cut off 4 whole inches...OH MY! I feel so naked without my hair. What was I thinking? Oh well I guess it will grow back eventually. I hope it is at least easier to manage my up dos for hair accessory photos. I still need to dye it but haven't had the energy. Maybe tonight will be the magic night. I have a few combs to list but I can't take any pictures until Thursday night when my hubby is off work. I have so much to do and not enough time in the day.

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