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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend of Inspiration

Well its my hubbys weekend to work so I have to find something to occupy my time. Something to keep me out of trouble. When I mention the word trouble...I mean shopping & spending too much money. Ahhh my one weakness. I spent Saturday at the mall browsing my favorite 2 stores Charlotte Russe and Dillards. Then I scooted off to Target for decorations. We are planning a Halloween house party for next weekend. I can hardy wait, pirates, jello shots, scary movies, spooky music, slimey margaritas, costumes, card games, & pumpkin lights. Its been a while since I have seen all of my friends, been so busy promoting my shop. I will be snapping a million pictures of the festivities so stay tuned.

After my shopping excursion and depletion of my bank account, I decided I better make some use of my time. I busted out the craft table and popped in my favorite series for inspiration. I just can't choose which one I love more The Tudors or Rome. Both are excellent with vivid costumes, witty characters, amazing sceanory, & delightful scripts. They are full of old history but with a sexy modern twist. They remind me of the hair combs I create. I try to fashion them from styles relevant to the modern woman but with a twist of vintage materials. I f you haven't seen these series I suggest you run to your local Blockbuster and pick them up. Then swing by your grocery store for a tub of ice cream pop on the couch and enjoy. You can thank me later by visiting my shop
Tata for now Xo

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