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Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Ahh the dreaded “spring cleaning”. Sometimes I feel like there are not enough hours in the day to get things done. If I put 100% effort into a project, then other tasks fall by the way side. I have put so much energy into designing some new patterns for my Etsy store… As a result my home looks like it was struck by a tornado. I spent all weekend making 2 monkeys for my latest pattern. The pattern will hit Etsy sometime later this week. Once I was done with the second critter I hurriedly listed both on Ebay and then breathed a long sigh of relief. I decided to make a pact with myself that I would do a thorough spring cleaning. In order to focus on this cleaning extravaganza, I have made the very hard decision to put down my crochet hook for the next week! That’s right, NO crocheting for a solid week. It may be hard since I am so addicted to creating things, but I vow to put the hook down and concentrate on cleaning and catching up on my studies. I have enlisted the help of my husband. Together we should be able to whip our home into tip top shape. Be able to “eat off the floor” tehe=)

I have a little reward to look forward to next week. I am taking 2 vacation days to spend time with my mommy. We are working on yet another new crochet critter pattern for Etsy. The critter will be announced soon so stay tuned. While on my mini vaca, Lionsgate will be releasing horrorfest 2010 The 8 Movies To Die for onto DVD. I foresee a few trips to B-Buster since my mother and I are huge low budget horror fans. I could use a breather from my 9-5er. Hurry Up Tuesday the 23rd!

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