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Saturday, August 7, 2010

To highlight or not to highlight

I usually get this itch for a make-over every so often. I think its just human nature for us girls. Due to the damage caused by highlights I have let my hair rest for about 2 whole years!! I have made slight changes to the "do" such as coloring it either dark brown, brownish red, or black in the winter. I have not done anything drastic in a long time. I always keep my hair at a long length. That way I can wear it straight or curly. I usually cut a few layers to make it look full and frame my face. I would feel naked without my length. So its the same ole cut for me, but I did make an appointment for highlights Monday evening:X

I am thinking full head with my base color of dark brown/black and adding some streaks in red and caramel. Hope it comes out pretty especially seeing I sell hair accessories on Etsy. I can't be sporting jacked up can I? Well here's to my last weekend of being a least for awhile;)

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