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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ready set...Goal

What an eventful week. All of my hard work on Etsy finally paid off. I am the proud owner of a brand spanking new Scion XB 2011. Yaaaay I did it:) one of the first new years resolutions I actually stuck to. The car has been great, gas is much better too so more money in my pocket. My friend Melissa already nicknamed the car...Perry the Platupus don't askK lol!

I have also made the decision its time to start getting healthy again. This means eating better and resuming a workout schedule. Today I went back to the gym for the first time since gettingmarried, over 2 years ago. I ran a mile in 18:46. Pretty pathetic seeing I used to be able to run one in ten minutes. We all need to start somewhere.

The point of this blog is to announce my newest goals for the end of 2010. Thus far its been a great year. I have been focused and have met all the goals I have set before myself, so now its time to make new ones. I plan on continuing to grow both of my etsy shops. Hair.Sew.Vintage will be launching a woodland series of hair combs perfect for fall and winter brides or any holiday festvities coming up. I plan on getting fit again and recreating myself. New look, new hair, new posative outlook on life. Now that I have my car I need another reason to save money, another big goal. I have decided to start a cd account with the bank. They have hight intrest rates and you can't touch the money. Maybe a new house will be in our future?? Let's just see what happens;)

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