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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How Annoying!! My first blog rant >:O

So last night my T-Mobile Sidekick decided to crap out on me. The little rolley scroll ball no longer wants to go up and down. OK too bad you need the ball to do just about EVERYTHING. How frustrating, I have only had the darn phone for about a year. There is another button that does scrolling...BUT it does more of a page up page down type of thing. Therefore I can not text, can not click on people in my address book, and can not go to my internet bookmarks. Its going to be a bit before I can buy a new one. I know I will be charged full price instead of an upgrade, because I haven't had this POS for 2 years.

In other news My little furry woofer is still battling her disease called Pemphigus. I don't think I have blogged about it before...Its an immune mediated disease where the immune system attacks the skin as if it were a foreign object. The best human disease example I can give, is its like lupus. Tilly's hair falls out in certain spots and she gets scabs. It is happening mostly on her back so I try to keep a little sundress on her to hide it. Some people are so ignorant, I swear. They ask what is wrong with her...I tell them, and the 1st thing they ask is...Is it contagious?? Not unless you can "catch" my dogs immune system...which luckily for you is biologically impossible!! DUMMIES. Go back to High School biology. Tilly is going to a doggy dermatologist, which let me tell you is NOT cheap. She has been battling this disease for about a year now. First she was on steroids to suppress her immune system, but they are unsafe for long term use. Steroids can cause liver and other organ damage. The vet is currently weaning her off that medication and replacing it with another. She has another appointment next week. Hopefully this new medication will put the disease in remission. Unfortunately it will be something she has to deal with for the rest of her life. She still acts a 100% like her normal self. I feel bad for her so mommy has been spoiling little T with her favorite bones. They are covered in oats. After she finishes one, she licks the oats out of her paws for the rest of the night:D Its soo cute!

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